Fall & Thanksgiving

Two Pilgrim squirrels take home their enormous pumkin

Pumpkin Pilgrimage
A-63  $98  1″ x 1.63″

Abigail shares harvedt with her squirrel friend

Abigail's Acorn
M -714  $136  1.5″ x 2″
Abigail (mouse) shares her harvest with her squirrel friend

Turkey chef holds pie with helpful young mouse.

Bon Appétit Mon Ami!
M-700  $168  2″ x 3″
Side Back

Chef mouse with copper skillet full of delicious morsels.

Chef Mouster
M-641  $98  1.875″ x 1″

Little mouse as dragon fly rests on her hand

Pretty Perch
M-643  $112  1.5″ x 1″

A little mouse sits by an old stump overgrown with mushrooms.

My Happy Place
M-644  $148  2.125″ x 2.25″

Two mice in love, wrapped together in a long scarf.

Lover's Knot (Fall)
M-456  $98  1.375″ x 1.375″

Pilgrim couple bring their bread to Thanksgiving dinner

Pilgrim Potluck
M-593  $98  1.625″ x 1.5″

Thanksgiving Turkey eyes pilgirims mouse's corn

Turkey for Dinner!
M-592  $186  1.5″ x 3″

Girl mouse stands in fromt of a turkey with a cob of corn behind her back

Cob Gobbler, Sculpted by Donna
M-558  $152  1.625″ x 3″

Male pionier mouse drive large turkey in his VW  bug style car

Honk for Thanksgiving!, Sculpted by Donna
M-454d  $240  1.65″ x 2″