Wee Forest Folk Christmas

Little boy mouse likes the spoon as mom mouse makes holiday treats

Taste Tester!
M-702  $136  1.625″ x 1.5″

Side View Back view.

Young mouse dress in gingerbread costume

Gingerbread Boy
M-703  $68  1.625″ x 1″

Side veiw Back view

Girl mouse stand on hat box in the snow holding holy leaves.

Vintage Chris-Miss
M-704  $176  1.325″ x .875″

Side view

Two Santa elves with hart shaped holly wreath.

Holly Honeys
M-653a  $168  1.625″ x 1.75″

Side view Back view

Flat train car with all you need for the perfect snowman.

Snowman Makings
M-453r  $116  1.125″ x 1.25″

Girl mouse waering a bow from her present

Christmas Bow Bonnet
M-684  $90  1.875″ x 0.75″

Christmas Bow Bonnet (basck) Christmas Bow Bonnet cormer

These fancy little Mouse elves are playing with a Swedish Dala horse!.

Dala Horse Elves
M-682  $222  1.75″ x 2.125″

Dala Horse Elves left corner Dala Horse Elves right corner

Girl or boy mouse off to school with candy cane and rucksack.

Rudolph Rucksack, Sculpted by Willy
M-683  $84  1.375″ x 1″

Rudolph Rucksack Rudolph Rucksack

Why it's little Miss Mousey with her basket of cheer!

Just for Yule!, Sculpted by Donna
M-685  $122  1.75″ x 1.75″

Just for Yule! left side

Annette originally sculpted the Nativity scene in 1984. Here it is displayed atop a table on a beautifully highly detailed holiday carpet.

Chris-Mouse Pageant in Miniature
A-57  $420  2.125″ x 2.5″

Chris-Mouse Pageant in Miniature side Chris-Mouse Pageant in Miniature back

Mini Chris-Miss

Mini Chris-Miss
M-32m  $38  0.5″ x 0.5″

Mini Chris-Mouse

Mini Chris-Mouse
M-33m  $38  0.5″ x 0.5″

Mini Chris-Mouse

Mini Chris-Mouse
M-166  $52  .05″ x 0.375″

Mini Father Chris-Mouse

Mini Father Chris-Mouse
M-164m  $52  0.5″ x 0.75″

Mini Lone Caroler

Mini Lone Caroler
M-64m  $38  0.75″

Mini Miss Noel

Mini Miss Noel
M-146m  $38  0.5″

Mini Holly Mouse

Mini Holly Mouse
M-87m  $38  0.5″

Mini Holly Mouse

Mini Shepherd Kneeling
M-122am  $38  0.5″

Mini Shepherd Standing

Mini Shepherd Standing
M-122bm  $38  0.5″

Mini Pageant Angel

Mini Pageant Angel
M-145am  $38  0.5″

Mini Chris-Mouse Pageant

Mini Chris-Mouse Pageant
M-117m  $86  0.5″

Mini Wise Man Kneeling

Mini Wise Man Kneeling
M-121cm  $38 

Mini Wise Man in Robe

Mini Wise Man in Robe
M-121bm  $38  0.5″

Mini Wise Man with Turban

Mini Wise Man with Turban
M-121am  $38  0.5″

Mini Pageant Stable

Mini Pageant Stable
M-144m  $86  1.25″

Father and son/daughter on a Toboggan

Toboggan Twosome Sculpted by Willy
M-520  $128  1.125″ x 1.5″

Baby mouse playing with classic ring toy

Christmas Rainbow Rings, Sculpted by Willy
M-595a  $96  1″ x 1.25″

Christmas mouse band trio

Oompah Band Elves
M-653  $288  1.625″ x 2″
Sculpted by Willy.

Dad mouse balancing Christmas shopping

Bundles of Joy!
M-654  $146  1.625″ x 1.25″
Sculpted by Willy.

Mom mouse with arms full of Christmas paper

Wrap it Up!
M-655  $124  1.375″ x 1.125″
Sculpted by Willy.

Girl mouse with two hand pupets

The Santa and Rudy Show (Girl)
M-657a  $128  1.5″ x 1.125″
Sculpted by Willy.

Young girl mouse decorates her tree

Tiny Trimmer
M-658  $210  1.875″ x 1.675″
Sculpted by Willy.

Girl mouse with Snowman

Frosty Friends
TM-9  $156  1.75″ x 1.875″
Sculpted by Donna.

Bady girl mouse reaches to the bottem of her Christmas stocking

Stocking Unstuffer (Girl)
M-660a  $98  0.875″ x 1.125″
Sculpted by Willy.

Baby boy mouse reaches to the bottem of his Christmas stocking

Stocking Unstuffer (Boy)
M-660b  $98  0.875Prime; x 1.125″
Sculpted by Willy.

Boy mouse with candy cane skies

Candy Cane Careener
M-663  $130  1.5″ x 1.125″
Sculpted by Bonnie.

Male mouse with his contribution to the feast

Christmas Seed Feast
M-664  $78  1.375″ x 1.125″
Sculpted by Bonnie.

Younger female mouse catches snowflakes on her tongue

Catching Crystals
M-626  $88  1.5″ x 1″

Young mouse in Christmas clothing rides holly leaf sled

Holly Express
M-629  $98  1″ x 1″

Girl mouse in Christmas dress holding a paper chain

Christmas Crafter
M-631  $98  1.375″ x 1.125″ Sculpted by Willy.

Peppermint Lick

Peppermint Lick, Sculpted by Willy
M-597  $66  1.25″ x 0.875″

Mouse couple celebrating the New Year

Happy New Year!
M-456b  $196  2.5″ x 2″

Limited but still in stock.

Gifting Goodies

Gifting Goodies, Sculpted by Donna
M-599  $108  1.5″ x 1″

Christmas mouse carrying cookies

Mrs. Claus's Cookies, Sculpted by Willy
M-601  $106  1.875″ x 1.25″

Father and son mouse sort out the Christmas lights

Merry & Bright!
M-493a  $198  1.375″ x 1.5″

Mouse in snowman costume with scarf and top hat

Snowmouse…Sandy, Sculpted by Willy
M-543  $74  1.75″ x 1″

Mouse dressed as a Christmas present

Present…Perry, Sculpted by Willy
M-546  $68  1.5″ x 0.875″

Mouse in Penguin costume

Penguin...Parker, Sculpted by Willy
M-548  $64  1.75″ x 1″

Mouse in Reindeer costume

Reindeer...Rudy, Sculpted by Willy
M-549  $62  1.75″ x 0.875″

Mother mouse holds up a cake for Christmas

Bûche de Noël, Sculpted by Willy
M-554  $98  1.375″ x 1.25″

Standing baby mouse hold a blanket

Precious Peanut, Sculpted by Willy
M-555  $52  0.875″ x 0.875″

Additional Colors

Poor mouse selling matches

Little Match Girl
M-521  $94  1.5" x 1.25"

Four sleeping mice in one Christmas bed with stocking

Visions of Sugar Plums Sculpted by Willy
M-514  $154  1.625″ x 2″

Mouse in blue dress with sbiw gobe

My Little Snow Globe
M-515  $88  1.375″ x 1.125″

Kneeling Loving Angel with arms around a blue bird

Loving Angel Sculpted by Willy.
SA-3  $98  1.125″ x 1.375″

Indoor Chistmas seen with fireplace, cat on chair and mouse mouse decorating tree

Home at Christmas
M-510  $598  3.75″ x 5.75″

Grandmother showing Chistmas book to a young girl

Grandma's Book of Christmas Sculpted by Donna.
M-511  $148  1.25″ x 1.5″

Girll mouse in green party dress holding a ginger bread woman

Gingerbread Girl Sculpted by Willy
M-499  $68  1.25″ x 1.125″

Mouse skier in Elf colors carrying a basket full of firewood

Alpine Elf Sculpted by Willy
M-474  $98  2″ x 2.125″

Girl mouse sleeping in large armchair with letter to Santa

Waiting Up... Sculpted by Willy
M-472  $124  2.5″ x 2.5″

Santa in fromt of a fireplace fillling stockings

A Visit from St. Nick Sculpted by Willy
M-471  $229  3″ x 3″

Mouse driving Christmas train

Wonderland Express Sculpted by Willy
M-453  $186  1.75″ x 1.625″

Color Choice

Red caboose mouse on rear platform with lamp

Christmas Caboose Sculpted by Willy
M-453f  $176  1.75″ x 1.75″

Mouse with Christmas hat wrapping presents kneeling on the floor

It's A Wrap Sculpted by Willy
M-452  $134  1″ x 1.75″

Mouse in white dress holly and candles in her hair and in her hands

Santa Lucia Sculpted by Willy
M-449  $98  1.65″ x 1″

Casoler mouse in top hat with bell and hymn book

Poppa Caroler Sculpted by Willy
M-420  $92  1.75″ x 1.125″

Lady mouse in light blue evening dress holding candle

A Candlelight Welcome Sculpted by Annette
M-405a  $86  1.75″ x 1.25″

Mouse Santa in sleigh with toys pulled by a bird

Santa's Christmas Tweets Sculpted by Willy
M-404  $268  1.5″ x 4.125″

Two mice looking at Christmas packages

For a Good Mouse Only Sculpted by Annette
M-373  $148  1.375″ x 1.25″

Mouse with top hat and overcoat carring a Christmas package through the snow

Squire of Micester Sculpted by Annette.
M-342  $82  1.75″ x 1.75″

Youg mouse with scarf trecking through snow holding package

Squire's Little Friend
M-342a  $68  1.375″ x 1.125″

Mother mouse leaving a drink and cookies for Santa

A Treat for Santa Sculpted by Annette
M-341  $118  1.5″ x 1.5″

Mouse carring Yule log through the snow

Yule Log Sculpted by Annette
M-337  $72  1.5″ x 1.5″

Lady mouse with hat and overcoat carring Christmas presents

Mary's Christmas Sculpted by Annette
M-326  $88  1.75″ x 1.125″

Mousewith a nightcap  in a Santa shoe

Me in My Nightcap
M-317  $88  1.5″ x 1″

Child mouse sleeping by a stack of Chistmas packages

Waiting For Christmas
M-316  $106  1.5″ x 2.5″

Girl mouse party dress with bell in left hand

Jingle Belle Sculpted by Annette
M-340b  $64  1.5″ x 1.25″

Mother mouse shocked to find her child up a Christmas tree

Scamper Raising Cane Sculpted by Annette
M-240  $146  2″ x 2.375″
Green Tree Only

Child mouse climbing Christmas tree

Tree Alone Sculpted by Annette
M-240a  $79  2″ x 1.5″

Lady mouse in overcoat and matching hat with hand ia a muff

Miss Noel Sculpted by Annette
M-146  $59  1.75″ x 1.25″

Smart mouse, wearing bowtie and tails stands in the snow holding flowers

Elegant Mr. Nibble Sculpted by Annette.
NM-5  $94  1.625″ x 1.125″

Curled up mouse in Christmas attire nibbles on tasty treats

Christmas Nibble Mouse
NM-1a  $68  1.25″ x 1.75″

Color Choice

Little mouse decorating a pine cone tree with two bid helpers

The Littlest Pine Cone Tree Sculpted by Donna
TM-6  $150  1.5″ x 1.25″

Mouse Santa standing on a Christmas gingerbread house

Wee Santa's Gingerbread House
TM-4  $125  1.75″ x 0.75″

Decorated Outdoor Christmas Tree

Outdoor Christmas Tree
A-11  $92  3″ x 1.75″

Small Christmas tree on a wrapped package

Small Gift with Tree
A-13  $46  1.25″ x 0.625″