W F F Retirements 2016

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Two wrapped gifts with small Christmas tree

Two Gifts with Tree
A-14  $75  1.5″ x 2.25″

Small Christmas tree on a wrapped package

Small Gift with Tree
A-13  $46  1.25″ x 0.625″

Smilling Snowman with top hat and red cardinal on one hand

Just a Little Snowman
A-21  $86  1.125″ x 1.25″

A Little Christmas House tree ornament

A Little Christmas House, Sculpted by Donna
CO-8  $118  1.75″ x 1.375″
Sold Out

Mouse angle rides on the moon holding a star

My Little Star, Sculpted by Donna
CO-9  $82  1.75″ x 0.75″
Pink Color

Sold Out

Very young girl mouse reads to her animal toys

Story Time, Sculpted by Willy
M-353  $128  1.25″ x 2″

Young girl mouse feeds her stuffed toy dog

Doggie's Dish, Sculpted by Willy
M-357  $95  1.5″ x 1.37″

Wooden fence with mouse peeping through a hole

Fence with Mousey
A-20c  $58  1.75″ x 1.825″
Sold Out

Wooden fence with hole

Rustic Fence
A-20b  $30  1.75″ x 2.5″
Sold Out

Wood fence with cat looking though hole

Fence with Kitty, Sculpted by Willy
A-20a  $42  1.75″ x 1.75″
Sold Out

Igor with his pet spider

Igor's Pet, Sculpted by Donna
M-507  $72  1.5″ x 1.125″
Sold Out

Mad mouse scientist with two frogs and flask

Our Mad Scientist!, Sculpted by Donna
M-508  $94  1.75″ x 1.5″
Sold Out

Madness in the Lab!, Sculpted by Donna
M-508b  $248  1.75″ x 2.625″
Sold Out

Pirate mouse with parrot and treasure chest

Pirate's Treasure, Sculpted by Donna
M-398a  $148  1.5″ x 2.15″
Sold Out

Mouse robot girl with pupmkin bucket

Rosie Robot, Sculpted by Donna
M-399b  $79  1.25″ x 1″ Color Choice

Sold Out

Mouse with snakes in her hair, a lamp in one and a pumkin basket in another

Li'l Medusa, Sculpted by Donna
M-489  $124  1.75″ x 1″

Whitchy mouse scooting along on cat faced scooter

Scootin' with the Loot
M-296  $102 

Mouse driving Easter egg car

Easter Eggmobile, Sculpted by Donna
M-274  $125  1.75″ x 1.75″

back view front view

Young girl mouse ridding a bunny and carring an Easter basket

Easter Bunny Hop, Sculpted by Willy
M-479  $124  2.25″ x 1.875″

Girl mouse in side a basket with Easter eggs and little chicks

Easter Basket Bounty, Sculpted by Willy
M-504a  $125  1.125″ x 1.375″ <

Boy mouse in Easter basket with Easter eggs and chicks

Easter Basket Bounty, Sculpted by Willy
M-504b  $125  1.125″ x 1.375″

Girl mouse in rabbit coat with Easter basket and carrot

Miss Esther Bunny, Sculpted by Annette
M-306  $79  2″ x 1.25″

Large barrel car, Hally trimmings, mark hot with Cocoa banner

Cocoa Car Sculpted by Willy
M-453c  $94  1.65″ x 1.25″

Red flat train car filled with marshmallows, holly decoration

Marshmallow Car Sculpted by Willy
M-453d  $79  1″ x 1.25″

Mother mouse in a rocking chair with baby on her knee

Rocking Around the Clock, Sculpted by Willy
M-463  $212  1.625″ x 2″

Young mouse with balloon hat and balloon sword

Balloon Beanie, Sculpted by Willy
M-469  $116  1.125″ x 1.25″

Girl mouse stands with Valentine hat, ear and hand muffs

Little Missy Valentine, Sculpted by Annette
M-476  $78  1.125″ x 1.125″

Pink dress

Cupid's Special Delivery, Sculpted by Donna
M-383a  $148  1.5″ x 1.25″

Lady mouse in summer dress withbuuterfly on her flowered hat

Petit Papillon, Sculpted by Willy
M-503  $96  1.5″ x 1″

Color Choice

Back drop for mouse's house includes window, candles and decoration

Wee Mousey's House, Sculpted by Donna
M-480b  $110  3.25″ x 4″

Boy mouse roller skater with helmet

Get Inline! Sculpted by Willy
M-505b  $86  1.75″ x 1.5″

Girl mouse roller skater with helmet

Get Inline! Sculpted by Willy
M-505a  $86  1.75″ x 1.5″

Boy mouse throughs a fisby for his dog

Fetch! Sculpted by Willy
M-506b  $118  1.5″ x 2″

Girl mouse throughs a fisby for her dog

Fetch! Sculpted by Willy
M-506a  $118  1.5″ x 2″