Nibble Mice

Smart mouse, wearing bowtie and tails stands in the snow holding flowers

Elegant Mr. Nibble Sculpted by Annette.
NM-5  $94  1.625″ x 1.125″

Curled up mouse in Spring attire eating corn

Spring Nibble Mouse, Sculpted by Annette
NM-1b  $68  1.375″ x 1.625″

Color Choice

Two Nibble mice sharing food

Nibble Mouse - double, Sculpted by Annette
NM-2   $96 

Fall color choice

Curled-up female mouse eating corn

Nibble Mouse, Sculpted by Annette
NM-1  $48  1.375″ x 1.625″

Male mouse in tails brings flowers to female mouse

Mr. Nibbles Comes A 'Calling, Sculpted by Annette
NM-6  $162  1.625″ x 2.625″

Color Choice

Male mouse in morning coat with flowers

Mr. Nibbles, Sculpted by Annette
NM-5a  $96  1.625″ x 1.125″

Color Choice