Wee Forest Folk Easter

Wee Forest Folk Announcement Reopening
They are resuming production are will be releasing new summer pieces soon, however they are working with reduced staff and therefore face production restrictions!
Tiny forest mouse has found a bluebell to take home

Ruby Red Cap
M-686  $102  1.625″ x 1.25″
Red Cap back view

Boy muouse brings home a nice fiddlehead

Rusty Red Cap
M-687  $108  1.5″ x 1.25″
Rusty Red Cap from the back Rusty Red Cap from the side

Earth Day tribute to Australia's wildfires Girl with koala bear

Cuddly Koala, by Willy
M-688  $98  1.375″ x 1″
Limited until 12/31/2020
Front yellow back view

Mallard parents watch over their duckliings in a pond

Bobbing Brood
A-58  $128  1″ x 2.5″
Limited until 06/15/2020.
Mallards back view Mallards top view

Brown Bunny

Spring Bunny
009  $20  0.5″ x 0.75″
Included Free when you purchase any two other "new" pieces

Young bunny eats chocolate egg

Sweet Crème
B-30  $88  1.5″ x 1.25″

Rabbit in the grass playing with Easter egg

Standing Bunny, Sculpted by Willy
A-7  $28  1″ x 1″

Color Choice

Easter Bunny and Easter Egg outfits complete with a towable basket

Easter Welome Wagon
M-668  $158  1.75″ x 2.125″

Cracking Up!

Cracking Up!
M-669  $136  1.5Prime; x 1.625″

Girl mouse in Easter egg costume finds little chick

Easter Hatchling
M-670  $98  1.25″ x 1″

Cherry Blossom Girl

Cherry Blossom Girl
M-459a  $138  1.5″ x 0.875″

Two bunnies and a chick gather round a stack of colored Easter eggs

Cute Little Bunnies
A-52  $74  0.875″ x 1.375″

Easter on the Half Shell

Easter on the Half Shell
A-53  $54  0.875″ x 1.375″

Girl mouse finds an Easter egg

Found One! Sculpted by Willy
M608  $98  1.5″ x 1.25″

A miniature bride and groom stand on an elegant wedding cake.

Wee Wedding Pair, Sculpted by Donna
TM-8  $160  1.875″ x 1.375″

Color Choice (pink)
Heart picture

or initials/date on heart
Names picture

Spring Bunny & Robin by a fernce

Spring Bunny & Robin,
A-37  $78  1″ x 1″

Young girl mouse holding a bunny and a basket of Esater goodies

Easter Morning Surprise, Sculpted by Willy
M-524  $88  1.375″ x 1″

Lady mouse in summer dress withbuuterfly on her flowered hat

Petit Papillon, Sculpted by Willy
M-503  $96  1.5″ x 1″

Color Choice

Mouse in Easter chick clothing

Cute Chick, Sculpted by Willy
M-457  $68  1.375″ x 1.25″

Girl mouse in rabbit coat with Easter basket and carrot

Miss Esther Bunny, Sculpted by Annette
M-306  $79  2″ x 1.25″

Female mouse in Easter hat driving Easter egg car

Easter Eggmobile, Sculpted by Donna
M-274a  $129  1.75″ x 1.75″

Color Choice

Blue bunny mouse in Easter basket with chick, eggs and flowers

Wee Bunny's Basket, Sculpted by Donna
TM-5  $129  1.5″ x 1″

Easter chick with head scarf

Little Chick with Kerchief, Sculpted by Willy
A-2  $20  0.625″ x 0.75″

More Colors

Boy mouse looking into a birdhouse

Any Birdy Home?
LTD-6  $235  2″ tall