Wee Forest Folk, Bears

All Wee Forest Folk Bears are sculpted by Annette

Mother bear with Christmas cookies

Just for You!
BB-19  $132  1.75″ x 1.75″

Color Choice

Father and son bear calling for directions

Lost on the Trail!
BB-18  $154 

Young girl bear with Christmas tree hat

My Holiday Hat
BB-17  $78 

Bear dessed in party frock with wings, a  wand and large carrier bag

Sugar Plum Fairy Bear
BB-15a  $92 

Bear in a party frock with wings and a candy bag, standing by a pumpkin

Halloween Fairy Bear
BB-15  $89 

Mother bear carrying baby

Naptime with Dolly
BB-14  $64 

Color Choice

Grandma bear with baby

Grandma with Baby
BB-13  $84 

Color Choice

Grandfather bear in bowtie and tails with large pocket watch

Grandfather Bear
BB-12  $79 

Bear bee keeper with hive

Honey Bear
BB-11  $118 

Bear sitting with party hat and a large bowl of ice-creams

Party Time
BB-7  $94 

Mother shows young girl bear a baby in a crib

Just a Peek
BB-6  $159 

Father and son bear trying to cope with crying baby

Father's Night
BB-5  $159 

Large bear eats a fish sandwich sitting on a log

Lunch on a Log
BB-3  $89 

One bear welocmes home and other carpet bag

Welcome Home!
BB-2  $118