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Wee Sea Folk
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All Wee Sea Folk have been retired, we only have a "repaired" Justin Sampson
1st Mate, SF-13, still available.

Wee Sea Folk was introduced in 1997 and is the work of William Petersen. The inspiration for this line is the scrimshaw work of seamen from an earlier age.

sf01.jpg (46389 bytes) Isaac Baker, Seaman
Playing concertina
SF-01  $32
sf02.jpg (46718 bytes) Burney McGee Seaman
Dancing a jig
SF-02   $38
sf03.jpg (50017 bytes) Elijah Rathbone, Seaman
SF-03  $32


sf04.jpg (96602 bytes) Timothy Mayhew, Greenhand
SF-04  $38


sf05a.jpg (48188 bytes) John Jack, 
2nd Mate
SF-5  $34
sf06.jpg (48939 bytes) Edward Haskell, Steward
SF-06  $37
s07.jpg (60185 bytes) John Tinkham,   Master
SF-07  $39
s08.jpg (74967 bytes) William Abbe, 3rd Mate 
SF-08  $44
sf09.jpg (58236 bytes) Asa Page, Seaman
SF-09  $32


sf10.jpg (101005 bytes) Thatcher Packard
SF-10  $39
sf11.jpg (66708 bytes) Joking Michael, Seaman
SF-11  $31


sf12.jpg (71955 bytes) Ishmael White, Seaman
SF-12  $85
No longer available
sf-13f.jpg (122839 bytes) Justin Sampson
1st Mate
SF-13 $225 half price repaired


sf14.jpg (54488 bytes)

Willie Cook

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