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New shopping cart information.

I have installed a new shopping cart and our old "Click to Buy" has been replaced with "Add to cart" buttons.

Our new cart has full encryption security, plus more features including remembering customer information, if you request it.

As before, items are not charged directly on our website, I am continuing our previous practice of processing the charge when shipping.

If you are seeing the old "Click to buy" button please refresh your page or click F5, all the old buttons have been replaced.

Changes you may notice.  

Please use your browser's back arrow to return from our shopping cart to our website when purchasing two or more items.

This cart defaults to shipping address, if your billing and shipping address are different, please click the billing address box.

As before, only your name and email address is required for returning customers, however full credit card information is now required.


Please let me know if you run into any problems. Our system allows plenty of time to correct any issues that may occur before charges are made to your credit card.


E-mail with questions or comments about this site.
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