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Wee Forest Folk

This is a collectible line unlike any other. Wee Forest Folk are all made, by hand, in Massachusetts. The entire operation is run by the Petersen family and has been for the last 25 years! Almost every other, notable, collectable line is mass produced in factories overseas. David Winter and Lladro might be produced in Europe but, the fact is, they are produced by the thousands! Precious Moments and Cherished Teddies are manufactured, in large numbers, in China and Thailand. It certainly doesn't make those lines less collectable but it does make Wee forest Folk a rare find!

We carry the entire line of Wee Forest Folk and we have a variety of retired pieces for sale.

Where crystals hold great power and wizards and dragons struggle against their evil counterparts to maintain balance in their strange and wonderful land. Their adventures are chronicled in a series of beautifully illustrated books. This fantasy collection is produced in Stoke-On Trent, England where you will find some of the finest pottery in the world, such as Royal Doulton and Wedgwood. These figures are all signed and numbered and beautifully detailed.
Harbour Lights
The beauty of our historical light houses is captured in this miniature collection. Each piece is numbered and many of the sculptures are limited editions. They depict light houses all over this country and even in England, Ireland, France and Australia. Many editions sell out as soon as they are released so we always find ourselves with many retired pieces!
Deja Vu
A unique collection of wall hangings, sculpted to depict days gone by. Every piece is hand painted and many houses are molded to represent places that Brian Baker, the artist, has visited.

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