July 4th

Boy mouse putting flag on sandcastle

Freedom Fort
M-349b  $132  1.25″ x 1.375″

Large mouse family waits for July 4th parade

The Cheering Section!
M-189b  $398  175″h x 3.25″w x 1.875″d

Two mice dressed and Crayons

Color Me RWB
M-533c  $120  2.125″ x 1.5″

Mouse in cupcake July 4th costume

July 4th Cupcake Treat
M-574i  $118  1.5″ x 1″

Mother mouse standing in front of a garden table with RWB cakes and flags

Picnic in the Park
M-570s  334  2″ x 2.75″

Limited to 300

Little girl mouse, holding a star flag with RWB party dress

M-480d  $76  1.125″ x 0.875″

(No longer produced some still available)

July 4th Bake Bake Sale

Mousey's Bake Sale, Sculpted by Donna
M-220p  $205 

Picket fence with gate and rose covered arch decorate for July 4t

RWB Picket Fence
A-26  $160  2″ x 5″

Girl mouse dressed as Statue of Liberty

M-448b  $110  1.5″ x 1.25″

Male mouse drive open car with patriotic decorations

Honk for the USA!
M-454e  $240  1.5″ x 2.5″

Boy mouse waving USA flag

Homegrown Stars & Stripes, Sculpted by Willy
FB-5a  $72  1.75″ x 1.5″

Yankee Doodle driving patriotic peddle car with stars and stipes tophat

Yankee Doodle
$125  M-270j 

Uncle Sammy mouse in red white and blue standing on a plinth

Uncle Sammy
LTD-4  $295  2″ x 1.25″

One mouse band red white and blue

One Mouse Band RWB
M-196ap  $73  1.5″ x 0.8″

Teacher with two pupils and a flag celebrate July 4th

Country Classroom patriotic
M-268p  $235  2″ x 1.9″