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Glass Paperweights
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Celestial Series

Creating all of the planets is an on-going endeavor for Glass Eye Studio.   Each design is a combination of the scientific understanding of each planet's appearance and an interpretation of this by their design team.  Rich with enchantment and mystery Beverly Soja Longer has deigned each weight to sparkle with details of Dichroic glass though a faceted window in clear crystal.
All planets and the moon paperweights are 3" in diameter and weigh 1lb. 5oz., the Earth is larger approx. 4" in diameter. 
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

mars.jpg (20607 bytes) Mars

483F - $110

saturn.jpg (22541 bytes) Saturn
482F - $110
moon2.jpg (11952 bytes) The Moon 
488F  $110
497.jpg (25115 bytes) Rings of Saturn
M-497-F $110
490.jpg (54761 bytes) Earth
499-F  $299
big-dipper.jpg (11743 bytes) The Big Dipper
504F $110

500.jpg (57315 bytes) Northern Lights
500F  $110
blachhole.jpg (19869 bytes) Black Hole
501F  $110

 510.jpg (24585 bytes) Solar Flare

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