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As we are no longer running the draw this page has been removed from our website please click here for our main page.

The winner of you August draw is Carol C Davis from Scottsdale AZ
The winner of our September draw is Ray LaBelle from Fort Gratiot MI 
The winner of our October Draw is Joyce Poyton Hamilton Ontario Canada.


This February will be the last draw for a while, next month we will be offering a prize to someone who signs up for the Human Proteome Folding. Please click here for information 

You can enter our Free Draw three times a day, each entry will count to that months draw until 12 pm Eastern on the last day of each month.  Entries made after that time go into our next draw. You may not enter more than once an hour and three times a day. Only one person can enter for each email address, or I. P. address.  You must be at least 18 years old and complete all of the form on your first entry for each new draw.  Entries made more often than once an hour, or three times a day are removed!

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Our prize for February is Donna's Angel  

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These prizes are offered to promote this missing children link. Please look at the missing children as you fill in the form.  For more information, or  to see a larger picture click on the "changing picture" below and click again on any of the pictures you see.   If you click on this link you will leave our web site use your "back arrow" to return.

The missing Children Banner is not visible to some browsers, if you cannot see it please click on the "Missing Children" link bellow.

Missing Children




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