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Click on any image to enlarge and see other colors, or views.
bb19.jpg (194070 bytes) Just for You!
BB-19  $132
bb18.jpg (833619 bytes) Lost on the Trail!
BB-18  $154
bb17.jpg (137919 bytes)BB-17-yell.jpg (97724 bytes) My Holiday Hat
BB-17  $78 smaller than the earlier BB bears, about 2" tall
bb16.jpg (761181 bytes) The Bear Faire
BB-16 $98
Halloween Fairy Bear
BB-15  $89
bb14.jpg (391720 bytes) Naptime with Dolly
BB-14 $64 
BB1s.jpg (409502 bytes) Don't be Shy store special
BB-1s $96 only 10 made
Don't be Shy Retired
BB1 $76
Welcome Home!
BB2  $118 1995
bb3.jpg (340795 bytes) Lunch on a Log
BB3  $89 1995
bb5.jpg (452488 bytes) Father's Night
BB5 $159  1995
Just a Peek
BB6  $159  1995
Party Time
BB7  $94  1996
bb11.jpg (168819 bytes) Honey Bear
BB-11 AP  $118
bb12.jpg (266987 bytes) Grandfather Bear 
BB-12 $79 AP
bb13.jpg (675997 bytes) Grandma Bear with Baby
BB-13  $84
The bears are all sculpted by Annette.



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