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I donate this page to a worthy cause and we would like to draw you attention to the World Community Grid


This is a chance for you to help mankind and medical science by donating your spare computer time to a scientific search.

The search requires a huge amount of computing time and is only possible, by avoiding the enormous cost for supercomputer time. Instead they ask people to donate the spare time on their personal computer. Total runtime for the system so far, exceeds 1 million years!

You computer processor is only working occasionally, probably less than 5% of the time that your computer is running. The World Community Grid borrows the other 95% of your processor's time and applies it various research projects. You will not even notice the difference, since it only runs when the your processor is would otherwise be idle.   Please click here for more information and to sign up:-

When you join up please also sign in for our "Wee Forest Folk Collectors" team! 

If you have any question please send me an email


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