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If you are in doubt about the safety, or reliability of our site please take a moment to read these testimonials.
I would also like to thank all the kind people who have sent me these e-mails.

Thanks David! 

I don't buy many wee forest folks like I use to, but I assure you, that I only use you ever since you gave me a special treatment many years when I needed an order with a day or two. By he way, I was so surprised to see my last order here so quick! Darn, why do I wait to the last minute. So it may be a once a year order, sometimes maybe an extra order or two. But your exceptional friendly service keeps me coming back. You even called to make sure my order was right along with color selection, some people would of just boxed it and sent it without consideration of the customer.

David, I wanted to at least thank you for your service, if you ever need a recommendation about your business or service, please let me know how I can help!

Kind regards,



Thanks David!


You take such good care of your customers. I always appreciate how fast I receive these little treasures! Keep up the great work!





Love doing business with you guys.


Your business is five star plus.  I have been ordering WFF from you for years now and you ALWAYS keep me apprised of when I am eligible for the half-price bonus.  Service is prompt and so are your responses to e-mail questions and orders.  Thanks so much for making a bright spot in this world......Jan


David, your the Best. Your Service cannot be topped, nor can I not Express, how grateful I am for your Personal Attention. Thanks for seeing to it my Mom's Day was Happy. 

Very Much Thanks Robert

Just to let you know how nice it is to work with you.  Your service is so personalized, I feel like I know you every time I've ordered from you.

Hi, David!

The verification number is XXX. Expiration is XX/XX.

Thanks for keeping track on my half priced items!  You guys are a class operation!

 Your fan, Linda


Thanks David.  That sounds great.  Also wanted to let you know that Sparkey arrived safe and sound today and his counter part is on its way back to you this afternoon.  As always, your customer service is outstanding.  Thanks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 


Hi, David,

It was great to get your mail, I 'm looking forward to receive the little guys.
It was a great pleasure to deal with you.

Hope you have a nice thanksgiving day.

with regards,
(Hong Kong)

David:   Hope all is well.   I completed the needed information using the "test" pages.   All should be well.   As always, thanks for the fantastic service....makes shopping a breeze...... (Doug)

Hi David!!

Thank you for your help with my order. I'll understand if you are not able to get both pieces. I will just have to keep my fingers crossed!! Also, I wanted to say, "Thank you" for supporting the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children. I find myself visiting your site everyday hoping to recognize one of "The Lost" children. As a parent, this is one of my greatest fears, and I appreciate people like you who DO make a difference. I don't buy very many new WFF pieces, but I when I do, I think of your Marie Claire store because of your kindness and generosity. I just thought you would like to know that customers really appreciate your charitable efforts!!

Take care,

Annette :-)

Thanks, David for always keeping a record of my purchases. You are absolutely the best. Over the years, you have reminded me when I was eligible for the half-price WFF. I appreciate your rapid response to the orders I place just to let me know the status. Your web site is just so much fun and easy to use.

Thank you again, David, for having such a friendly yet professional business. Please feel free to use this ( or any part thereof) for the testimonial page - it's long overdue......jan

Hi David, 

I just completed an on-line order.  I believe this order may qualify for a 1/2 piece if your offer is still available. 

Also, I would like to receive this by Tuesday.  Please charge shipping if necessary. 

I really appreciate being on your e-mail list and love receiving notices on new pieces/colors.  We have only a few stores that carry WFF in Colorado and it's "hit & miss" to availability so needless to say I love shopping at the Marie-Claire website.

 Thank you!



David :o)

 Thank you so much for being so prompt with my orders.  I am so glad that I found your web site!  I love the WFF and you have such a great selection.  Thanks again for being so helpful!

 Sincerely, Sally


Hello David:

Just  a quick note to THANK YOU again for calling me about winning the piece in the ENTRY contest that you have for the WEE FOREST FOLK piece on the Missing and Exploited Children Link.   I waited until today to write a thank you, I have not quit pinching myself since your call yesterday to actually make sure that I am awake and not dreaming.

It was so nice to talk with you on the phone,.... I was so surprised to get your call,...and it is well worth it to never again be able to say, "I NEVER WIN ANYTHING" since I was picked this time for the Wee Forest Folk piece.    Thank you for accommodating my shipping wishes on the pieces as well,....  it sure says a lot about how you conduct your business and I assure you that  I walked away grinning ear to ear after my dealings with you on the phone yesterday.

I e-mail with a woman (Ellen in Idaho) that I started chatting with just through WFF e-mails and e-mailed her yesterday to tell her of my good fortune to have been picked as the winner.  She sent me an e-mail back about how wonderful you all are to do business with.   She apparently purchases from you all the time and had nothing but good to say about you.

Once again, thanks made my day!!  I look forward to receiving the pieces and dealing with you in the future.

David,  Not only do you have the cutest website around (it's fun to go there to see the graphics), but your service is
          personal, quick and just plain wonderful.    Carol


Please feel free to add this to you testimonials page:
I work in a service industry and always attempt to provide my customers with prompt, personal attention. Finally, I have found others who feel that this is how it should be. Marie-Claire excels in this regard. I always look forward to your announcements and every order that I have placed has been treated with the respect that customers deserve. Thank you for making every transaction a pleasure.

Dear David,

I am writing to tell you that I appreciate your concern and efforts on behalf of all missing children and their families.

I can understand your willingness to forward the email regarding "Penny Brown" and I also appreciate your forwarding the link to the Urban Legends status on this email plea.

I was going to check it before I sent it on anyway because I always check "please forward to everyone you know" emails. And yet you provided the answer as well.

Thanks for taking the time to make the correction and again for your genuine efforts on behalf of the real missing children.




Thank You for making my past shopping experiences comfortable. Not only is your web site so much fun to look at but I feel secure buying pieces and will continue to only shop at your web site. Your web site is very well organized and so easy to navigate through that I spend a great deal of time checking out my next purchases. Your service is excellent and I am a VERY satisfied customer.




I thought I would pass this along if you are still accepting display photos... I keep some of my mice in old cheese boxes displayed on my living room wall. This way I get to see them every day and enjoy them. The majority of them are in a china cabinet, but they get moved around some into the cheese boxes depending on the season, etc.

Of all the sites I've seen that sell WFF, I still think yours is the absolute best. Your design is outstanding and you do a great job of keeping current on things.



Thanks for figuring out that I had qualified for the 1/2 price offers. I did not know how many purchases I had. Dealing with you is fantastic, as usual.



Hello David,
WOW, it already arrived today!!!  This is a great site and the only place I will buy Wee Forest Folk, from now on. 
Thank you so much.

Dear David -

Just a note to let you know that I have just spent several hours (with some interruptions) on your wonderful website. I wanted to copy some of the comments you have written on the production and distribution of many of the WFF -- things I didn't know and was interested to learn.

I have a medium sized collection (about 600) which I thought was large until I heard of the collections in the thousands .. and I started in the late 1970s, but yours is the only site I know that has little blurbs of background information. Just love it and I hope you will keep adding that type of info which give us more than just another "pretty face".

Many thanks for your extra work and time - I have found it invaluable.

all best,


David - My WFF "Surprize" piece arrived yesterday. It's delightful and I'm so pleased with it. Glad I decided on the pastel shades, too. Thanks for sending me the pictures that helped me decide. Appreciated your more-than-prompt service!! It's great to be able to work with folks who

always provide only the best service!!! Thanks again for your help!


Dear David,

We received our order today and wanted to tell you what a delight your website is.  We enjoy shopping on it because it's well arranged and easy to get around in, and the pictures are nice and sharp, so we can see what each little WFF actually looks like.  Your hyperlink problem is not a problem for us.  We have you bookmarked and appreciate your messages updating their new releases, etc.  You do a nice job!  Thanks!


Charles and Joan

David- I received the Night Prayer in pink that you sent- many thanks for sending it out so quickly. I do appreciate all that you is a pleasure to deal with you. MANY THANKS-Pat


Thank you for your professional service with a local Mom and Pop feel. It's quite refreshing and rather rare when it comes to internet shopping!

The Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!

Hello, David: Thank you for taking care of the "half-price" item without waiting for me to make the request. I really appreciate your prompt and astute business acumen. Your web site is the very best, and your customer service is outstanding. Thank you, again and enjoy the holidays......jan

David - that's perfect by me Your service is amazingly efficient and friendly, I will be shopping here again!


thank you,

I'm sure we will be doing business again. I was real happy with the service I received from you website.


Hello, David: It's not quite clear how I add to the testimonials but I really want to say how wonderful your web site is - you fill the orders so quickly and you respond to e-mails immediately - how I wish other businesses would emulate you. It is ALWAYS a pleasure doing business with you - I feel that we have known each other for years. Just to say thanks - it is such a comfort doing business with you. Jan

Spring greetings David,
Order arrived yesterday, prompt and in perfect condition as promised.  Thank for the excellent service as always.
With appreciation,

I received my first order for the limited piece in perfect condition and not really at a snails pace. I enjoy your web site as it is so informative and fun. I definitely have this site marked as one of my favorites and look forward to ordering again as you have gained my trust by your prompt and caring service.

The little guy came rolling up this morning (I'm sure his little feet were tired - a long trip from California to Georgia) in perfect condition! Thanks again for the always great service. I was hoping you might have gotten some 2001 catalogues, but I guess it's still too early. I put my name on the catalogue mailing list, just in case some show up soon. Have

a great day!  Kathleen.

I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You.  You guys have been so kind, understanding and a great help to us in finding these pieces.   I just wanted you to know that we appreciate it.  I wish this world had a lot more people in it like you guys.  It would be a much nicer place.

Have a good day, Bill.

David, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your great web site. I didn't know how really great it was until I went looking for other retired WFF. You have designed it really well, the pictures are really clear and it is very fast. Rae.


Great website, easy, good pictures, and organized.  Our Wee Sea Folk were in perfect order when they arrived.  We plan to use this site in the future. 

Thanks Ever So Much,


You (Marie-Claire) are just too darn good . . . and fast. Thanks for the wonderful service. Wish all businesses were like you.


Wonderful customer service! Thank you!


Dear David --

I wanted to congratulate you on your beautiful website and thank you for the wonderful service you provide. 

I work crazy hours and I hardly find time to breathe let alone shop. The store I previously used is on the opposite end of town and I could never make it out there before closing, and my collection grew at the sad pace of two or three pieces a year. (Fortunately my parents and grandparents pick up the slack at birthdays and Christmas!) I came across your site earlier this year and my collection has been growing rapidly ever since. I can get information on my retired pieces and receive the latest news before the shops do. I love finding the little square packages in my mailbox (tiny treasures nestled in with the bills and junk mail -- I can hardly wait to get upstairs before prying them open!) and the pieces always arrive in perfect condition. I will never go anywhere else for my WFF again -- why drive out to the Galleria when I can find perfection at home?

Keep up the good work!

Kind Regards, Laura

Dear David,

I received your special color Miss Noel yesterday. I wish to sincerely thank you for using your chosen methods of notifying the people on your email list and updating your website. I have a lovely collection of the WFF but I am unlike many other WFF collectors in that I am a selective buyer. I truly enjoy the ones that I choose but I am often unable to obtain a store special color because of the means of distribution that is decided by some of your fellow retailers. I appreciate the increasingly rare opportunity to add a special color to my collection with no additional purchase requirements or event fees, tickets or being forced to buy a piece(s) I don't wish to own or cannot afford. 

Thank you very much,

Mary Ann

Hi David-

My WFF arrived here today in perfect condition. Thank you so much for such great service and especially for being SO pleasant and easy to deal with. I certainly will be ordering more WFF from you in the future and I'll be waiting for my Struggling Artist. Tell Margaret "thanks" as well.

Take care.


Hey David-

You certainly can. I read the testimonials before I ordered from you. People said the kind of things that I was interested in hearing. 

You should be rewarded for good service, so go for it. You deserve it! 

By the way, your website is done very nicely as well. I'm a web designer myself, so I notice and appreciate it when someone does a good job. (You can include that in the testimonials also if you'd like.)

Take care.



The WFF arrived safely today and in time for my friend's birthday!  Thank you for getting it shipped so quickly.  Once again, I counted on you for a professional, easy transaction and once again, you came through with flying colors!

Take good care,

David - Rec'd the "Caught in the Act" WFF last Thurs. Just wanted to let you know your recommendation was right on target as far as colors (pinkdress/ gray/green cookie jar, etc.) were concerned. 

Thanks for your suggestions, your prompt service and your superb customer service! (Have I left anything out?!)

I've got all the Wee Sea Folk so far. Have you heard whether any new ones will be coming out in the near future? Think the "Cook" was the latest.

Thanks again! Judy 

Please do use my "endorsement"! If I could clone you and put you to work in all the other establishments I do business with, what a great place this would be!

Thanks again, Judy

Thank you very much. This has absolutely been the best shopping experience (on and off the Internet that I have ever had. I will definitely keep you in mind for future reference. Thank you for all of your help.

From the Windy City,


This e-mail is about our missing children banners.


How wonderful to see the internet used in a positive way. I do not have children myself, just a small dog, (who incidentally thinks he is a person) if he were ever taken I would not rest until he was found. And of course I would want all the help available. Your powerful "advertisements" are excellent exposure. With a lot of prayer perhaps one day they will not be needed.


Melisa and her little dog..... Kelsy


Hi David: I want to add to the testimonials - I, too, have checked into other web-sites, but yours is far superior (in my opinion). More important: I appreciate the fact that you always respond so quickly, which is reassuring. I enjoy doing business with you, because the service is prompt; you always keep me apprised of the latest in news....thanks for everything.....jan

As usual, shopping your site was so rewarding. I ordered two more pieces on Thursday night and had them in hand Saturday morning! What a pleasure it is doing business with you. I love the quick email confirmations and responses to questions. The fast shipping and quality of packaging is the best on the internet! Thank you for giving me a quick, easy, and enjoyable place to go when I need to treat myself to a WFF piece! You are my favorite internet retailer, and I just wanted you to know. So give yourself a pat on the back

and keep 'em comin'!



You certainly may copy these comments I make about your business habits. You deserve more praise than you know for being so good to your customers.

There hasn't been a time that you haven't immediately emailed me back and answered a question of mine. And you know how much I bug you about trivial stuff! I feel like I know you personally and that you live right next door to me! Your humor constantly amuses my husband and myself and we both feel so comfortable doing business with you over the internet. After all! We did give you our Visa number! That should say it in a nut shell. 

Thank you for all your kindness and also for your prompt responses. You're great!

Thanks David,


I received my order today...very promptly and securely...I am very pleased with your service and quite delighted with my purchase...You guys are worries with you or your web have the best prices online and now I know, GREAT SERVICE also...

Thanks again,


I just wanted to let you and your staff know how very much I enjoy your Web site. And how very happy I was to win your WFF free drawing, not once, but twice! And both times, without ever having purchased a thing.

To say that I was shocked and delighted to win a second time is an understatement. It convinced me that I should become a customer, and at that time I ordered a piece that I felt would compliment my prize. Both pieces arrived last week in perfect condition. Your personal attention, prompt delivery, and careful packing have gained you a loyal follower and I look forward to future transactions with you.



I have very recently found your WONDERFUL site! I've been a WFF collector for many years and have a very large collection . . . many of them retired. You are a great resource for finding values to retired pieces as well as having many retired pieces available for purchase.  I just received my first delivery from you, and was very impressed with everything ~ from the ordering straight through to the delivery!

Thanks for being such a great resource for WFF collectors! You have definitely gained a faithful customer!

~ Kerrie 


Thank you for the information. I was told you people were great to work with and you have proved them right. I DO NOT purchase over the internet and was quite hesitant. I would like to thank you for the pleasant experience.



Just wanted to take a minute to let you know what I terrific idea your drawing to encourage people to check the pictures and support missing and exploited children is.  This is one of the best uses of this technology as well as one of the nicest things I've seen in a long time.  Because of this and the detailed pictures on your site -- I'm going to be sure to buy from you next time I give in to a Wee Forest Folk urge and drop a few hints that this is the place to purchase gifts for me this Christmas.

Thanks again for helping an important cause.


By the way - you have one of the better web-sites around, regarding the Wee Forest Folk. I checked out some others and the prices were similar but the others just didn't have the enlarged look at the figurines like yours had.

 Excellent Job!!


I found your site to be one if not the nicest and easiest to navigate of all I have visited re: Wee Forest Folk. Have bookmarked it as a favorite and will share the info w/others. Will visit again soon!


I received my first three Wee Forest Folk ever today when I went home for  lunch. I wanted to thank you for prompt and excellent service.


Thank you very much for your exceptional customer service!




Dear David, Your Web Site is fantastic - one of the best ever.


Was very impressed by your site.  I inherited my mom's "mouse" collection (all 890 of them!) which included about 75 WFF.  Am getting to know them--their names, worth, etc. and your site was one of the most helpful.  Thanks for all your hard work.


Really liked the way you set up this page showing all of the new wff side, front etc. all in one page too!

 just to let you know!


Hi David,

 I received my order today and what else can I say, but.........WOW!!! I am so happy with everything.  Your service is wonderful. Your pieces are wonderful.  I LOVE my book. The autograph and picture he drew are so great.

 Thank you.

 You have a new loyal customer.



Just wanted to make a comment - my husband and I are impressed by how clear and thorough the pictures of the mice are - it is great service that for many of the pieces you show more than one view.

Have a good day.


First of all, I should tell you how much I love your web site. It is well-organized and well-developed. I have never seen one like this before. Thank you so much for those useful information! I really enjoyed reading comments attached to each piece.

Personally I love mice created by William the most. Those wonderful details are amazing. I love to see fine line expressing mice fur on his creations.


P.S. I am sure about going back to your web site to get more information regarding stories of old pieces.

Really enjoyed visiting your web site. It was very well thought out and the photos have come out wonderful when printing. Especially enjoyed the information provided in the Retired section....found the bits of information regarding the pieces very interesting. I'm new at collecting WFF and this information is very valuable.




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