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The New pieces in 2008

m377.jpg (89719 bytes) Dragon Dress-Up 
M-377 $98



Gift Certificate amount:



m377.jpg (89719 bytes) Dragon Dress-Up 
M-377 $98




m378.jpg (535550 bytes) The Raven Red-Eye
M-378  $108
m370.jpg (103310 bytes) Just the Two of US
M-370 $175
M-371a  $40 pink blue yellow blanket
m371b.jpg (49220 bytes) Eencie
M-371b  $36
m371c.jpg (46882 bytes) Weencie
M-371c  $36 pink or blue rug
m373.jpg (555914 bytes) For a Good Mouse Only
M-373  $148 
m374.jpg (95644 bytes) Boo Boo Lamb
M-374  $79
m375.jpg (334133 bytes) Dancing Bear
M-375  $79
m376.jpg (590963 bytes) Special Arrival
M-376  $118 pink or blue
bb18.jpg (76870 bytes) Lost on the Trail!
BB-18  $154
m368.jpg (63750 bytes) Hop Aboard!
M-368  $112
m368a.jpg (98025 bytes) Snail Watch
M-368a $120
My Polka-Dotted Parasol
M-341a  $145
m366.jpg (83479 bytes) For Mother's Day May 11th

Bundle of Joy
M-366s $126

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b15.jpg (431760 bytes) Easter's Hare (by Annette)
B-15 $58



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