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cc7.jpg (64693 bytes) The Fezziwigs

CC7 - $195

This was the first of the Christmas Carol to retire, look for the rest to retire soon.

Sold Out

fs3.jpg (26275 bytes) Mousie Comes A-Calling

FS-3  $350

Sold Out

m192.jpg (42496 bytes) First Kiss

M192 - $225

Sold Out

m195a.jpg (13571 bytes) Lord Mousebatten

M-195A - $195

This is a very rare piece, only in the range for one year, probably very few sold.

m176.jpg (179901 bytes) Grammy Phone

M176 - $295  Sold Out


m159.jpg (686140 bytes) Forty Winks

M-159 - $195

M152.jpg (7538 bytes) Scooter Mouse

M152 - $250

M161.jpg (10926 bytes) Commencement Day

M161 - $95

Sold Out

m183.jpg (101087 bytes) Prima Ballerina

Click on the picture to enlarge.

M162 - 

Sold Out

M168.jpg (6298 bytes) Stars Stripes

M168 - $95
Sold Out


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