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Another year of beautiful new pieces and, unfortunately, lots of retirements.

m186.jpg (20768 bytes)

"High On The Hog" M-186 was created by Annette in 1992. It is such an adorable piece and was only in the line for a short time. - $200.00

Sold Out

m190.jpg (24608 bytes) Annette also sculpted this piece; "Peter Pumpkin Eater" M-190, which is a charming depiction of the nursery rhyme. This piece was not introduced until 1993 and is probably quite rare due to its very limited production time, and the fact that it was absolutely not available after it was announced as a retired piece. - $395.00

Sold Out

fs1.jpg (22584 bytes) Woodland Serenade

FS1 - $295

Sold out

m126.jpg (77495 bytes) Attic Treasure

M126 - $125


m195.jpg (22375 bytes) Lord and Lady Mousebatten M195 - $150

Lord & Lady Mountbatten were cousins to the Queen of England. They had a home in Southern Ireland where Lord Mountbatten was killed by a terrorist bomb.  To emphasize the Irish connection Lady Mousebatten was later released in Shamrock green with a shamrock on her dress, $150

M163.jpg (10826 bytes) Elf Tales

M-163 - $250
Sold Out.

M107.jpg (7156 bytes) Chief Geronimouse

M107a - $225

Sold Out

m120.jpg (347184 bytes) Witchy Boo

M120 - $150

Sold Out


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