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1994- By this time Wee Forest Folk had decided to simply retire several pieces, usually about a dozen, with no notice, each year. This was necessary because it allowed them to focus on the rest of the line instead of making large quantities of pieces that they were trying to get rid of! However, it was an idea that did not sit well with retailers or collectors who were left with absolutely no chance of purchasing any of these pieces.
1994a.jpg (270392 bytes)
1994b.jpg (262719 bytes)

Sold Out

"Bat Mouse" M-154 was another piece that just disappeared from the line. First produced, by Annette, in 1987 it was always popular. However, The Petersen's began to introduce some really cute Halloween pieces and that necessitated making a little room in that department! - $175.00
M158.jpg (7794 bytes) Aloha

M158 - $195

Sold Out

M132.jpg (12513 bytes) Sunday Drivers

M132 - $450

Sold Out

rh1-2-3.jpg (27485 bytes) Also sculpted by Annette - The "Robin Hood" series was introduced in 1990. The Set - $650.00 Sold Out

RH 1 & 2 only $195

The entire Cinderella set, C1, C1a, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6 & C7 is available for $1500.
Sold Out
C1c.jpg (16016 bytes) Cinderella's Slipper

C1 - $295

Very rare only sold for 1 year, retired in 1989.

Sold Out

C1.jpg (7588 bytes) Cinderella's Slipper

C1a - $195

C2.jpg (12357 bytes) Ugly Stepsisters (The)

C2 - $150

Sold Out
C3.jpg (8447 bytes) Mean Stepmother (The)

C3 - $125  Sold Out

C4.jpg (7625 bytes) Flower Girls (The)

C4 - $125

Sold Out

C6.jpg (4871 bytes) Flower Girl

C6 - only for sale in set.

c5.gif (35432 bytes) Cinderella's Wedding

C5 - $250

Sold Out.

C7.jpg (26378 bytes) Fairy Godmother

C7 - only sold in set


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