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Wee Forest Folk celebrate their 20th Anniversary!

Unfortunately it was also the year of the big price increase! The Petersen's had already made the decision to keep Wee Forest Folk a "Cottage Industry". While their chief competitors had to go abroad to manufacture their products, they were faced with increased operating expenses. Their main concern was being able to retain skilled painters. Some Wee Forest Folk were selling for two or three dollars more but some jumped as much as 25%.

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1992x.jpg (635834 bytes) 1992y.jpg (573454 bytes)
Another unusual thing happened this year. The Petersen's announced three pieces to be retired at the end of the year. However, several pieces simply did not appear in the catalog. One of these was B-12 "Tiny Easter Bunny" which was introduced in 1985 as the last in a line of "Bunnies". This was the only Bunny created by Donna Petersen . - $95
"Peter's Pumpkin" M-118 was created in 1984 by Annette. I
Peter's lovely wife "Prudence Pie Maker" M-119 was created, also by Annette, in 1984 and enjoyed the same popularity as her husband! She was replaced by "We Gather Together" M-199 which is also retired. "Prudence"- Only Sold in as a set with M-118 Sold Out
"First Haircut" M-137 was sculpted by William Petersen and introduced in 1986. It is a beautifully detailed piece. - $295.00
"Hans & Greta" M-169 was not released until 1990. The figures were much larger than the average "Forest Folk" at the time. The piece, sculpted by Annette, was never popular and was retired with no notice. It is, therefore, very likely that this is an extremely rare piece- $195.00
Another piece, retired with no notice, was "Fishin' Chip" MS-14. It was introduced in 1985 by William and is a great example of his excellent attention to detail. - $300.00
Sold Out
m136.jpg (168036 bytes) Sweet Dreams
M-136 $350

 Sold Out


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