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Another busy year for Wee Forest Folk. Another new line was added (The "Robin Hood" collection.) Only three pieces were scheduled to be retired but there was one more surprise.

William Petersen produced "Tom & Eon" Bk-1A to compliment a children's book that he wrote entitled "The Secret Flight of Tom Mouse" William is a truly gifted artist and the book is beautifully illustrated by him. The story is about a day dreaming mouse who teams up with a friendly alien for the flight of his life! Take a closer look......Tom looks suspiciously like the little mouse enjoying his lunch on the steps of the "Statue in the Park". "Tom & Eon" was produced in 1988 and retired, with no notice, in 1990. - $350.00 Sold Out 
The book is still available SRP-$9.95
William also produced "Rocking Tot" M-103 in 1983. Yes, it is as small as it looks! - $85
"Choir Mouse" M-147 is another one of William's pieces retired in 1990. It was first produced in 1987. - $85
This adorable piece, "Don't Cry" M-149 was created by Annette in 1987 it was always a popular piece, available in many different colors. - $125

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