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Wee Forest Folk scheduled only three pieces to be retired this year: Those being the Band However, they also did a couple of sneaky things! One was to re-design one of the pieces in the "Cinderella" line and the other was to completely drop one aspect of their collection..........

1989a.jpg (322610 bytes)  1989b.jpg (343390 bytes)

There are two pieces entitled "Cinderella's Slipper" This is the original piece. (C-1) It features the Handsome Prince who doesn't appear on the modified version. This piece, along with the entire "Cinderella" series, was created by Annette Petersen in 1988 . The "Fairy Godmother" C-7 was added to the line in 1989 along with the, now single, Cinderella C-1A which replaced this original piece. Realistically, this sculpture was only in production for a few months and is believed to be very rare. 
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This line was created by Donna Petersen, Annette's daughter. She added one or two bears each year, from 1983 up to 1989. Donna is most noted for her ability to intricately detail even the smallest piece. The "Tiny Teddies" are a perfect example of her talent. 1989 was the last year that the "Tiny Teddies" appeared in any "Wee Forest Folk" catalog. The Teddies were said to be "Temporarily suspended" from production although they have never been made available again. The only piece that remains is "Hansel & Gretel bears at the witch's house" T-11. Donna has since made many beautiful additions to the Wee Forest Folk
This piece entitled "Christmas Teddy" T-10 was added to the line in 1987 and retired, along with almost all the "Tiny Teddies" in 1989. $150.00 

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"Moma Bear" T-12 was a late edition to this line. It was introduced in 1989 and was only available for a few months. $150.00.

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t4.jpg (63913 bytes) "Sailor Teddy" T-2 was one of the original "Tiny Teddies" It was introduced in 1984. $150.00.
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"Boo Bear" T-3 was introduced alongside "Sailor Teddy" in 1984. The pumpkin he sits on is almost twice his size! $150.00
  "Drummer Bear" T-4 was another "Tiny Teddy" produced in 1984. - $150.00
"Santa Bear" T-5 was also one of the original Teddies, first appearing in 1984. He stands less than an inch high. $150.00
"Ride 'em Teddy" T-6 was a very popular bear, first released in 1985. This is the sweetest little rocking horse you've ever seen and his tiny teddy rider is just over 1/2 an inch tall! $150.00
Also released in 1985 was this tiny "Seaside Teddy". T-7 $150.00

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Another popular piece "Huggy Bear" T-8 was retired, along with the rest of the Tiny Teddy line. It was first introduced in 1986. - $95.00


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