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Still enjoying believable success, The Petersens began to expand in several directions within the "Wee Forest Folk" They produced a line depicting the story of "Cinderella" sculpted by Annette. They made their first piece in a series entitled "Forest Scenes" a beautiful piece "Woodland Serenade" sculpted by William. Meanwhile Donna made their first large sculpture "Hansel and Gretel Bears at the Witch's House". Unfortunately, they retired some great pieces to make room for their growing collection.

This was the best time for collectors, the retiring pieces were marked in the catalogue and still available until the end of the year.  Click on the catalogue to see it full size.

1988a.jpg (350101 bytes) 1988b.jpg (357272 bytes)

"Uncle Sammy" LTD-4 was created by William Petersen to celebrate the election year. This piece sold out in record time due, in part, to the success of "Statue in the Park". The unforeseen difficulties of producing 2,500 pieces in such a short time caused the Petersens such a headache that they declared this their last Limited Edition. $295

Also created by William this collegiate "Mouse on Campus" M-139 was introduced in 1986. $145.00

"Graduate Mouse" M-58 was the first of three (so far) graduates to be produced by Wee Forest Folk. Introduced way back in 1981 by Annette. 

Also introduced by Annette in 1986 - "Come And Get It!" M-141. This little mouse was generally overlooked during its brief debut. There were probably very few of these pieces ever produced. $345.00

Sold Out

In addition to the traditional black robe "The Graduate" M-58 was also featured in white. - $250.00 Sold Out

Annette also produced "Tennis Anyone" MS-13 which became a part of the "Mouse Sports" line in 1984. $250.00.

Sold Out.


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