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It was about this time that the Petersen's began to discover that they had an overwhelming demand for their work. Their success continued this year with the introduction of some beautiful new pieces.

1987b.jpg (273412 bytes)  1987d.jpg (301529 bytes)

"Statue in the Park" LTD-3 is the third limited edition pieces produced by Wee Forest Folk. William Petersen sculpted all three. Of the set, this is probably the most outstanding piece and was limited to a mere 2,000 pieces. It was created in 1987 - $1,200.00.

Sold Out

Created in 1984 by Annette Petersen "Traveling Mouse" M-110 is an irresistible "rolly-polly" mouse loaded down with bags, buckles and tags! - $400.00. Sold Out
"Family Portrait" M-127 was also retired in 1987. It first appeared in the line in 1985 and was created by Annette. $395.00. Sold Out
"Down The Chimney" M-143 had a very limited production time. It was created by Annette and was introduced in 1986 but retired in 1987. This piece was probably produced in far fewer numbers than any of the Limited Editions which makes it quite rare! $350.00.

Sold Out!

The band members also enjoyed only a short appearance. They were created by William Petersen in 1986. These pieces were all sold separately and are available in Blue as well as red. "Trumpeter" M-153A, "Drummer" M-153B and "Tuba Player" M-153C are  $600.00 for the set of three.
"Lamplight Carolers" M-86 was first produced in 1982. It was originally sculpted by Annette. The replacement for this piece is entitled "Silent Night" M-173. Put the two side by side and "Lamplight Carolers" wins the Cute contest hands down! - $300.00 Sold Out.
"Christmas Morning" M-92 was also sculpted by Annette. The mice on this piece are very tiny and rotund. This particular style was very prevalent in Annette's early work on this line but has since been abandoned for a much larger style. It was introduced in 1983. - 
Sold Out
"Land Ho!" MS-12 was created by Annette Petersen and introduced into the "Mouse Sports" line in 1984. Another good example of tiny, detailed work. - $400.00. Sold Out

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